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Bitter Winter Wind? Bite Beauty Dreams Bite Back!

Doug Arnaudin


It's nearly February. Right now your lips are raw and chapped. Little pieces of skin are flaking of onto your morning coffee lid (speaking from experience here!) and your pout is feeling less than kissable. Don't lose hope! Warm, balmy days are ahead, my friends. Lip smackin', fresh fruit eatin', color wearin' springtime is just beyond the horizon and I for one have already decided what to do once the clouds break and the sun shines through.

First -- I'm going for ice cream (naturally!)...

But after that, I'm heading straight to Bite Beauty's Lip Lab where I will create the most scrumptious spring shade of personalized lipstick known to (wo)man. That's right. I'm going in "treat yo self" style to say "Thank you!" to my lips who suffered the cold all winter long. Should it be a coy coral shade? Melon madness? Cute-as-a-button bubblegum? Ahh, the options are infinite! 

What springtime delight keeps you going through the cold months? 


For more information on the Bite Beauty Lip Lab check out, visit their blog, here

And stay tuned for a DIY Valentine's Day ready lip exfoliation how-to coming up soon!