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Valentine's Day DIY: Kissable Cocoa Lip Scrub

Doug Arnaudin

photo 1.JPG

It's nearly here, folks! Love it or hate it Valentine's Day comes each year in a fury of red and pink. Don't get me wrong -- I love all things hearts and flowers and sugar and purple and passion; however, Valentine's Day is an ugly little darling. It's ugly because it comes with the notion that love from a significant other is what defines us. It makes us feel pretty. It makes us valid. And it's exclusive. How many years did I fret and wonder about which school-boy dream would leave a note in my mailbox? How many years did I envy the clumsy trophy of bears and balloons parading through my high-school hallways? How often did I end up disappointed?

See, that's the trouble with hanging your heart on one day of the year. It misses the mark because deep down we all know that every day is a celebration of love. And not just romantic love, either. Love of brothers and sisters. Love of friends. Love of humankind. Love and respect of self. It's daily and it's deliberate.

Be encouraged this Valentine's Day to hug more. Laugh more. Smile more. Hold doors for strangers more. And delight in knowing that you are not defined by your relationship status. You are strong and beautiful and dearly loved. And nothing can change that.

 On that note, I promised a cocoa scrub for chapped wintery lips. So let's get started!

photo 2 (1).JPG

Here's the list of ingredients. You can also add raw cacao powder, (but I find the cocoa butter is enough to give a rich chocolate aroma.) Need beeswax? You can find it on Amazon, here. You can also swap hydrating vegetable glycerin for coconut oil; however, you may want to add a bit more beeswax to keep a similar consistency. 

photo 3.JPG

I also add the contents of one capsule monolaurin supplement. This is a great anti-bacterial, anti-viral ingredient which can be helpful in treating mouth related issues such as cold sores. Not cute. Throw it in for preventative care. 

photo 4.PNG

Using a double boiler method, I melt (in this order) beeswax, cocoa butter, monolaurin, and glycerin together and add turbinado sugar at the very end. The idea is that we want the sugar to remain granular, so don't leave it on the heat for long. Mix together over heat and remove quickly after mixed.

photo 5.PNG

Transfer into small container and let stand untouched for 1 hour. 

photo (17).JPG

Use generously by applying to lips in small circular motions. Rinse with warm water. And while we're being generous -- make more to give friends! Isn't this just the cutest?