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COCOKIND, Organic Skincare That Won't Break The Bank


COCOKIND, Organic Skincare That Won't Break The Bank

Jess Arnaudin

Kindness costs nothing and gains everything.
— Cocokind Founder, Priscilla Tsai

Now that I have a little one on the way, choosing natural skincare with minimally processed ingredients is more important than ever. Enter: Cocokind Skincare. I was over the moon to find this organic and fair trade certified line that proves simple doesn't mean simplistic. Like their moniker suggests, one of the main ingredients in their formulations is, yep, you guessed it --good ole' trusty coconut oil! In addition, they use components like avocado, rosehip, and grapeseed oils, shea butter, matcha green tea, a host of delicious essential oils, and also marine derived algae such as chlorella and spirulina. Have a look at the reason behind each ingredient, here

What's more, the line is actually affordable! So many times I fall in love with a brand only to realize it's a total "splurge" for most of my friends and clients. I definitely don't want to be the skin therapist who only recommends high-priced items, so I'm thrilled to add Cocokind to my list! (The Organic Soothing Salve in their new baby line, pictured above, is $11.99.) 

But in addition to their clean and cost-effective line up, I was also really drawn to their founder Priscilla Tsai and her mission to create a socially conscious company. Cocokind donates a percentage of proceeds to provide clean water, nutritious meals, and educational books to children in need all over the world. Check out this list of the non-profits they work with. 

It means so much when I find entrepreneurs within the beauty industry who are committed to giving back, while following their dreams. Working within the "beauty world" for nearly a decade, I always find myself with nose pressed against the glass of vanity. Often I ask, "what am I doing to make a real difference?" "what's my purpose in this field?" Questions like these keep me grounded and encourage me to seek our makers and creators with a heart for the triple bottom line -- people, planet, and profit! While I find it exhilarating to find new favorite products (hellooo, Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask, $18.99!) ultimately I hope the end far exceeds the means. 

You can bet the nursery I'm dreaming up will be stocked to the brim with these green goodies! Have you tried Cocokind? I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback or questions! Feel free to contact me in the comments below or by email.