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Sun and Light -- Protect yo' self!

Jess Arnaudin

Recently, I had the torturous pleasure of trying out the VISIA Complexion Analysis facial scanner. This technology is a great way to learn more about your skin and where it needs specific improvement. The scanner takes multiple photos and creates a diagnostic 8-point profile measuring your skin texture, pore size, UV damage, and vascular redness to name a few. Overall, I was pleased with the outcomes, however, it was a not-so-gentle reminder about how important it is to protect skin from UV exposure. Yes, even in the winter! There are so many misconceptions about SPF and the FDA is working to regulate the industry more closely. Here are my results:

photo (14).JPG

What's especially horror inducing is the UV photo. Even though I am a Florida girl at heart, I am always wearing SPF (at least 30!) , protective clothing and avoiding peak hours. Sun damage is cumulative. Your unprotected daily stroll to the mailbox in your bathrobe (hello!) can add up to more overall damage than one day on a sunny beach. 

photo (15).JPG

Hopefully my disparaging photo will encourage you all to step up and 'screen up'! Research is now confirming that lights from halogens, fluorescents and even computer screens (eek!) have a damaging result over time. Even if you're playing Halo all day and never see a ray of sun -- wear SPF. And also, find a new hobby. Some of my top picks? VMV Hypoallergenics, Supergoop, Badger, and Juice Beauty. 



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