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Tata Harper Love Potion


Tata Harper Love Potion

Doug Arnaudin

"In this bottle, find liquid love..." Aptly named, this potent blend of essential oils is designed as an aphrodisiac -- heightening sensuality and awaking an inner sense of confidence. More than romance though, there is something so innately beautiful about this elixir. Perhaps it's the tiny delicate bottle that feels so pretty & feminine, or maybe it's the blend of rare and precious oils that smell divine (and are 100% free of artificial fragrance, synthetic fillers, toxins or artificial dye). I love, too, that everything is grown and compounded on the Harper family farm in Vermont

  • Violet Leaf promotes inner peace and positivity
  • Rose boosts arousal and affection
  • Frankincense awakens sexuality, reduces anxious energy
  • Grapefruit boosts confidence, energizes mind and body
  • Cedarwood Atlas combats negativity, inspires feelings of affection
  • Davana promotes positive energy
  • Jasmine awakens sexuality, reduces anxious energy
  • Orange Peel supports attractive, alluring energy
  • Ylang Ylang boosts inner confidence, reduces nervousness
  • Sandalwood stimulates the senses and boosts arousal

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Much love.