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Put a Cap on Capillary Damage

Doug Arnaudin


Sometimes it's tough to hold it all together. Well guess what? Your capillaries feel the same way. These tiny blood vessels which connect veins and arteries typically go unseen, but under certain circumstances, they weaken and cause visible inflammation beneath the skin. This condition is known as telangiectasia and is caused by a myriad of  aggressors -- excess sun exposure, hormones, medication, chemotherapy, friction or trauma to a local area, and rosacea. Sometimes people are simply prone based on genetics (thanks Mom & Dad!). 

Telangiectasia is one of the most common conditions I see among clients, especially in the summer months. As the temps rise, let's take a look at how to treat and prevent damaging delicate capillary walls:

Avoid excess sun exposure. Wear a broad spectrum SPF daily to prevent future damage. While it's unlikely this will treat existing damage, it's a sure step in preventative care. Below are some top organic picks from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar in Arizona. I follow their 'skintelligent' team on Instagram and love the company's mission & well curated natural product selection. 

Try vitamin K. This powerhouse is proven to strengthen capillary walls and regular topical applications will help to repair weakened vessels over time. Jason Natural skincare makes a nice cream.  Most cases take at least three months to see improvement -- but hey, "Rome wasn't built in a day", right? 

Avoid unnecessary friction. Specifically around the nose where disrupted capillaries are most common. Use care applying facial creams and cosmetics gently without too much pressure. Additionally, choose a pair of sunglasses (a common summer culprit) that fit around the bridge of nose properly. 

Eat yo' veggies! A vitamin K rich diet could only help. 


Seek technology. Despite the high costs, laser (acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) treatment may be your most effective option. The visible blood vessels are removed by light absorbed by the blood. Over time, the vessel disappears restoring the skin's natural appearance. IPL (intense pulse light) is also a viable option to reduce redness. 

Let's stay skin-safe and inflammation-free this summer, y'all!

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