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Life Pulse

Doug Arnaudin


Let's face it. Life is busy. We live really stressful lives and are inadvertently overwhelmed by the collective chatter induced by television, billboards, instagram, facebook, blogs (yes, I realize the irony here) -- not to mention work and parenting and cooking dinners and keeping some semblance of a clean house and being empathetic to friends burdens and....Okay, you get the idea.

Living in NYC I feel like I am constantly one step behind. There is always some new food craze or gallery opening or ground-breaking political news to read up on. It's tough to keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on in all sectors. In 2014, one of my aspirations is to stay in the figurative loop. I want to know about new books, budding musical talent, health trends to research, U.S. and global news, art, fashion, and (of course!) beauty and wellness. Here are a few of my go-to websites for in-a-nutshell reads:

For news on the go - The Skimm:

For info and reviews on new (and old!) books - The Guardian:

For all your wellness, fitness, and nutrition questions - Well + Good:

For up to the minute NYC news and intrigue stories - NY Magazine :

For topics concerning sustainable education - Center for Ecoliteracy:

I'd love to find more resources! Have a great one? Do share! 

All that being said, let's take a day every now and again to disconnect. I sometimes practice a "phone fast" where I don't use my phone for a day. Because, as important as it is to stay connected and informed, it's more important to look your loved ones in the eyes over dinner without the disruption of an incessant buzzing, dinging, ringing phone on the table.