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Send Love To The Bees

Doug Arnaudin

Above all, send the bees love. Every little thing wants to be loved.
— Sue Monk Kidd

September is National Honey Month and I'm celebrating the final days with the most gorgeously gooey jar of raw honey from Chicopee Gardens in Nashville, TN. This indie brand is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Tyler and Kelly Hardee who began learning about bees out of curiosity, and turned the hobby into a "sweet" source of supplemental income for their growing family of four. 

"The bees are the real artisans," says Tyler, head beekeeper of Chicopee Gardens, "I simply play a supporting role..." and devoted artisans they are, indeed! To create one pound of honey, worker bees must fly over 50,000 miles and tap two million flowers, according to a precise calculation from The Canadian Honey Council. 

Buy a jar of Chicopee Gardens raw honey and enjoy the precious nectar of the bees, plus the sweet and oh-so-satisfying feeling of supporting a small business with sustainable farm practices.

The founders of Chicopee Gardens Honey plan to educate the local community about honeybees and their major impact as pollinators via workshops and adoptive hive programs in 2016. If you live in the Nashville area and would like more information about these events, email: to stay connected and order a bottle of raw honey, $10 plus shipping. 

Shopping Small with Pink Olive

Doug Arnaudin

You all know how much I love the thrill of shopping small & local. Well, imagine my excitement when I stumbled into Pink Olive in the East Village, NYC. It was a snowy and cold day. The biggest blizzard in New York history was on it's way, barreling up the East Coast, promising inches of snow stacked higher than flapjacks at a pancake house. 

And yet, even in the storm, there Pink Olive stood, a warm rose gold glow radiating from the window. I turned the painted ceramic knob and stepped inside. 

Trinkets, baubles, artisanal candles, designer stationary, delicate ceramic dishes, printed tape, stickers & the cutest watermelon onesie you've ever seen surrounded me and I received a joyous welcome from (although I didn't know it at the time) Grace Kang, founder & CEO. 

Pink Olive has been featured in DailyCandy, The Today Show,, Timeout New York, Gotham, Brides, Urbanbaby,’, Cool Mom Kids.

Pink Olive is the type of shop you will get *gloriously* lost in. It makes you feel whimsical & nostalgic. It makes you want to sit down at a real table (a luxury in-and-of-itself when you live in a studio!) and write to a loved one. Not an email. Not a text. No snapchats nor instant messages. A real, tangible, old-fashioned, snail-mail letter. The light-hearted selection of beautiful cards are so artistically curated that you could even frame them to use as art!

With Valentines Day approaching, I urge you to check out the shop with locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn or visit online. Forget big chain retailers. Let's stand together to share the love & support small, women owned & operated businesses this year!

After all, it's much sweeter than sending glitter to your enemies

Plus! Stay tuned for how you can enter to win a card from the Pink Olive shop in the upcoming (first ever!) Axis Artistry giveaway! 



Vegan Nail Polish

Jess Arnaudin

photo (18).JPG

We all know that a vegan pastry will contain no animal products...eggs...dairy... Simple, right? But what about vegan nail polish? Not as simple to discern the vegan qualifier. Born of a discussion with a sweet friend o' mine, I began researching vegan polish and why it matters.

Many brands use carmine which gives that lovely crimson hue. Turns out, the dye comes from crushing female beetles (70,000 female beetles per 1/2 pound to be exact). This coloring is often used in lipsticks as well. *Pause for shudder* And a similar dye product is used in food colorings. *Eeek* Another common ingredient used is guanine, derived from fish scales which gives a metallic finish to polish. 


On top of the 'eek!' factor, many polishes also contain known carcinogens like toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. Depending on your own convictions, you may see no harm in squashing bugs or scaling fish for your personal beauty rituals; however, these other carcinogenic ingredients are real problems. And with so many safer alternatives on the market -- why not buy cruelty & toxin-free? 

Priti Polish (pictured above) is a great choice! For more safe alternatives, check out this guide from Beauty Sundae blog.